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  • How many classes can I come to? Do I have to schedule certain days? Will I have to pay more for more classes?
    Here at K.S. Cho, we want everyone to have as much flexibility and be able to come to various classes and ensure that it works to your schedule. We care about students being able to train no matter their work or school schedules. So, to make this easy and clear: you can come to ANY and ALL available classes for no additional fees. Once you have paid your yearly membership (which is less than most other clubs), you can come as much as you want. Every day, both classes including Saturday classes. Advanced classes for when you get to higher belt levels...also no additional fees! To summarize, come as often as you want!
  • I want to train and I want my child to train. Do we have to take different classes at different times?
    Quite problem! You will train together with your child. We train as a group because we are adamant that the best way to learn is to see. Right from White belt through to Master, from child to grandparent...we train together. The lines start from front to back, highest belt to lowest belt so that beginners get to see all higher belts training and can really feel like they are part of the group quickly. Also, being able to train with your child or grandchild allows you so much more flexibility in classes so you dont have to spend an extra hour becuase of separate classes.
  • At what age can a child begin training in Taekwondo?
    The answer to this question depends on a couple of things. One is the personality of your child and if they are prepared for the experience of Taekwondo training. You may certainly come in anytime you wish to watch classes and get a feel for how our classes run. 5:00pm class is likely the best time to come in, but you can come for the 6:00pm as well. Classes every weekday at 5:00pm, 6:00pm (and Monday @ 7:00pm is an advanced Black Belt class). Saturday there is also an 11:00am class, then at 12:00pm a Target kicking class (all belts) though I recommend at least a green belt for the target kicking and sparring classes. Every class other than the specialized ones are for all levels from beginner to black belt members. The classes are structured to be able to accommodate any level for various reasons, including immersion, learning by example, family togetherness as some examples. Throughout various classes, members will be given one on one training with black belt members as required in order to learn new techniques and we then train together to hone those techniques by creating muscle memory and definition by building the right muscle groups and so much more. Also, with membership, students can come to as many classes as they wish…there are no limitations as to how many classes per week, or day, etc. If they are able and want to do 2 classes every day plus the Saturday classes…all the better! Please, come and check it out at any of the times I listed and talk to Master Cho for more information.
  • How long will it take to earn my Black Belt?
    K.S. Cho Taekwondo College follow the WTF standards for progression between belts. Colour belt tests generally ccur every 2 to 4 months and students will be asked to test when they are ready. Once reaching 1st Dan Black belt, the time between promotion tests increases to a minimum of 1 year for each Dan level you currently have. So if you are 1st Dan then you must wait at least 1 year to test for your 2nd Dan. Once 2nd Dan, then you must wait 2 years to test for 3rd, and so forth.
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